Value Recovery

Value Recovery

Organizations worldwide are all facing the same epidemic, excess inventory or depreciating assets weighing down the bottom line.   As technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace maximizing the speed of disposition of these excess inventory or assets and the value that an organization is able to recover is becoming more and more critical.

Lextec takes an innovative approach to this problem through partnering with companies to target their specific inventory or asset challenges and to find the most economically beneficial way to recover top dollar.  Some of these solutions require speed and a deep understandings of complex components and systems, others require a little more patience as the product may actually be in high demand and a different tactical approach is used.

Our goal is simple to recover the maximum possible value for our clients.

Our Core Competencies

  • Excess and obsolete semiconductor components
  • IT Assets
    • Servers
    • Telecommunications equipment
  • Capital Equipment

We provide full transparency, end-to-end reporting, and the highest levels of service in our class.

In addition, we will work directly with your Supply Chain teams to develop value added programs that are geared specifically to your company’s needs, whether they are in Shanghai, Chicago or, virtually anywhere.