Environmental, Health and Safety

Commitment to Environmental, Health and Safety

We work to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements and any other standards of performance to which we have subscribed. We also endeavor to minimize the impact of our products and operations on the environment by identifying our environmental aspects and potential impacts and then preventing pollution by implementing practices and operational procedures to address these. We also seek to prevent injury and ill health by identifying potential hazards and risks to employees both inside and outside the workplace, again by implementing practices and monitoring procedures to address these. We communicate our policy and procedures to our employees and those working on our behalf, and employees’ individual obligations to occupational health and safety, including training, when appropriate. Finally, we maintain an effective environmental, health, and safety management system (EHSMS) that is based on the principle of continuous improvement, incorporating measurable objectives addressing significant aspects, hazards, and risks; regular monitoring of operations; corrective and preventative action as appropriate; and periodic management review.

We regularly communicate with and involve all interested parties in our efforts to maintain an effective environmental, health, and safety management system. This environmental, health, and safety policy is fully endorsed by management to ensure its implementation at all levels within the organization, and is available upon request.